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Use route53 instead of cloudflare

The caddy base image is built with both cloudflare and route53 plugin.

  1. Create an IAM policy using the template provided in libdns/route53.

  2. Create a new IAM user and attach the policy created in step 1.

  3. Go to the user -> Security credentials and create a new access key.

  4. Add the credentials to the .env file

  5. Update the caddy labels in tunnel service to use route53 instead of cloudflare.

    caddy_1: "*.$PORTR_DOMAIN"
    caddy_1.reverse_proxy: "{{upstreams http 8001}}"
    caddy_1.tls.dns: "cloudflare $CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN"
    caddy_1.tls.dns: "route53"
    caddy_1.tls.dns.access_key_id: "$ROUTE53_ACCESS_KEY"
    caddy_1.tls.dns.secret_access_key: "$ROUTE53_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"
    caddy_1.encode: gzip
  6. Start the servers

    Terminal window
    docker-compose up -d

    Navigate to your domain to see the tunnel in action.